Snow Buddy Kennel
Oak Creek, Colorado

Our current campaign is for Snow Buddy Dog Kennel in The Dunckley Pass area of Northern Colorado. At this 10 acre ranch you will find over 40 rescued sled dogs. Some from ultra large kennels that train dogs for the Iditarod and some dogs that have actually ran the race! You will also find dogs rescued from other kennels that just have too many dogs to handle.

At Snow Buddy Dog Kennel the dogs do what they love in the winter which is pulling sleds. The other 7 months of the year they enjoy the comforts of their dog ranch. They eat over $2000 of food per month. Each dog costs an average of $2000 a year to shelter. This fund raising campaign is to help cover some of these expenses.

Dollar goal for this campaign is $2500. All proceeds go straight to the kennel. We hope you all enjoy the selfie contests all the while raising critical funds needed at the kennel. Top 5 contest winners will receive a t-shirt from the kennel. Grand prize winner gets to LEARN to MUSH experience for 2 people with the ACTUAL dogs you are helping!

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