Dogs Saving Dogs is a pet-based, donation raising non-profit that raises money for dog & cat shelters and dog & cat rescue organizations.

Dogs Saving DogsThe premise is that the donation comes from your family pet (usually dogs) on behalf of yourself and your family. That donation helps dogs & cats in shelters, kennels and also dog rescue & adoption organizations. *** Minimum $10 per pet donation. ***

We establish a current contribution goal for an organization in need and then post our donation status to show where we stand with that campaign!

We have fun selfie contests of your pet for all to enjoy. Meanwhile we're raising money for that particular fund raising project. Once the established donation goals are reached winners are chosen in the pet selfie contest (chosen by members of the organization being assisted) and then we start another fund raising campaign!! Or website contains information about past and current fund raising campaigns. We also post pictures of all of our contributors. It's all here to enjoy!

Dogs Saving Dogs
Jacksonville, Florida

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