Dogs Saving DogsThis campaign benefited six rescue and adoption organizations: Fur Sisters, Snow Buddy Kennel, Love Me True Rescue, Another Chance Ranch &  The Hotel for Dogs & Cats Rescue.

Fur Sisters - Furever Urs Rescue which is a local non-profit organization that focuses on saving dogs from over crowded shelters and other urgent situations. The small, rural county shelters in our surrounding area have very little funding or exposure to the general public. They depend on rescues like Fur Sisters to help save the animals that end up there.

Snow Buddy Dog Kennel is located in The Dunckley Pass area of Northern Colorado. At this 10 acre ranch you will find over 40 rescued sled dogs. Some from ultra large kennels that train dogs for the Iditarod and some dogs that have actually ran the race! You will also find dogs rescued from other kennels that just have too many dogs to handle.

Love Me True Rescue which is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, has a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find safe forever homes for kittens and cats who would be euthanized or abandoned.

Another Chance Ranch which is located in St Augustine, provides a safe, nurturing home for animals that have been neglected, abused and abandoned and have no other chance for adoption or fostering.

Pensacola Hotel for Dogs & Cats Rescue is staffed with volunteers who dedicate their hearts and time to saving these wonderful animals. Because of their assistance and yours, each puppy, kitten, dog, and cat you see here has a chance at the happiness they deserve.

A Place of Hope Small Dog Rescue helps rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned, neglected, abused, owner-surrenders, strays, and shelter dogs in northwest Florida and lower Alabama.

Dogs Saving Dogs
Jacksonville, Florida

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